Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Conference Theme

Working toward a truly pro-life politics


The foundational premise of the pro-life position is that every human being has an innate dignity that demands respect from conception to natural death. Such a simple and intuitive statement, however, has broad socio-political implications which are not consistently developed and expounded upon in the public square. The 2016 presidential election in particular has highlighted the ongoing divisive and polarizing political environment. Even life issues are subject to this hyperpartisanship. Because neither party adopts a consistent life ethic, the pro-life advocate does not find herself fully at home in either party. The question then becomes whether or not it is possible to maintain a truly pro-life politics, and if it is, what that politics would look like. In the 2017 Cardinal O'Connor Conference, we will attempt to answer these questions by analyzing the foundational premise of the pro-life position and by drawing out its implications for political engagement and policymaking on a national and international level as we attempt to head toward a truly pro-life politics.