Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Conference Board

Jeannette Joly

Jeannette Joly is a pre-med senior from Rockville, Maryland majoring in mathematics in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to co-directing the Conference, Jeannette is the Production Editor for The Triple Helix and an active participant in GU Right to Life and Georgetown Medical Brigades. When not studying or working, Jeannette enjoys exploring the history and culture of DC, crocheting various light blue baby items for her new nephew, and catching up on her favorite TV shows. On the weekends, Jeannette can be found with a guitar in her hands, trying desperately to learn her new favorite country song from that week.

Michael Khan

Michael Khan is a junior from snowy Buffalo, NY. He is in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences on a pre-med track, studying French and Government. Aside from the Conference, he's served as the president of Vita Saxa, Georgetown's pro-life student group, and as a school newspaper columnist for The Hoya. He is also a member of the Georgetown Honor Council and French Club. In his free time, he works with butterflies and caterpillars in an ecology lab on campus and enjoys writing (and ranting) about politics and religion. New to the Conference's Board this year, he's super excited for January!

Lillian Flashner
Director of Sponsorship

Lilly is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying the Biology of Global Health in the Pre-Med track. In addition to being on the board of the conference, Lilly is also an undergraduate ambassador for the Hoya Clinic, a volunteer EMT, and a member of the Georgetown Chapel Choir. She is from Philadelphia, but spends as much time as possible in Ocean City, New Jersey. She enjoys babysitting her adorable toddler nephew, playing the ukulele, and attempting bhangra dance.


Julie Reiter
Director of Hospitality

Julie Reiter is a senior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in Nursing. Originally from Annapolis, MD, she enjoys calling Washington, D.C. her second home. A member of the Georgetown Club Swim Team during the school year, Julie spends her summers coaching the six and unders at her local swim club. The second of three sisters, she spends her spare time advocating for the plight of middle children everywhere. 

Erica Lizza
Co-director of Outreach

Erica Lizza is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service and has not yet chosen a major, much to her parents’ consternation. She hails from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and enjoys telling anyone who will listen about how amazing the Midwest is. Erica is the Vice Regent of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas and a Georgetown University Right to Life board member. In her free time, she can be found watching Parks and Recreation, reading for fun, or annoying Co-director of Outreach MyLan Metzger, who is also her best friend.


MyLan Metzger
Co-director of Outreach

MyLan Metzger is a sophomore in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences with an interest in majoring in Government and minoring in Education, Justice, and Inquiry.  She is originally from Rockville, Maryland, which is only about twenty five minute away from Georgetown without traffic or 90 minutes during rush hour.  In addition to coordinating outreach for the Cardinal O'Connor Conference, MyLan is on the board of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, vice president of Georgetown University Right to Life, and a member of the Vietnamese Student Association.  She is also a resident assistant, enforcing quiet hours and baking delicious treats.  She is very excited to be part of her first OCC without the blizzard (knock on wood).

Dominic LaMantia
Co-director of Mass for Life

Dominic LaMantia is a senior in the college who hails from St. Louis. He is double majoring in philosophy and mathematics. In addition to serving as as a co-coordinator for the Mass for Life, Dominic serves on the boards of the Knights of Columbus and the Tocqueville Forum. He is the editorial assistant for Faith and Philosophy, the leading journal in the field of philosophy of religion. In addition to pondering the philosophy of John Duns Scotus, on whom he is writing his senior thesis, Dominic enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to Pink Floyd, cooking, and winning board games.

Melvin Thomas
Co-director of Mass for Life

Melvin Thomas is a junior from Staten Island, New York. He is in the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Russian and Government, with a focus on American and comparative politics. Besides serving as one of the Conference’s Mass for Life coordinators, he works at Georgetown University’s Intercultural Center and teaches Russian at an elementary school after-care program. He speaks a total of four languages and frequently lifts (very light) weights at the gym in his free time. He often prays for God’s divine intercession in helping the New York Mets become World Series champions this year.

Hunter Estes
Director of Press

Hunter Estes is a sophomore in the SFS majoring in international politics and hails from the beautiful land of Potomac, Maryland. In addition to his role as press director Hunter is the Treasurer of the Knights of Columbus, the Events Director for GU Right to Life, a Senator in the student government, and the student representative to the alumni Board of Governors. In his free time, Hunter enjoys reading the Constitution, complaining about “young people these days”, and taking long walks on the beach.

Julia Greenwood
Volunteer Coordinator

Julia Greenwood is a sophomore in the College majoring in American Studies and Theology. In addition to serving as the conference’s volunteer coordinator, she is involved in Georgetown Right to Life, Catholic Daughters, and the Campus Ministry Student Forum.  Originally from West Amwell, New Jersey, Julia enjoys telling people how much better bagels and pizza are in her home state, as well as aggressively showing them pictures of her (very cute) puppy and coercing them into playing basketball.  Her life plans include owning very large dogs.